Cyclical Maintenance

A Connolly Ltd undertakes planned cyclical repairs each year, using our directly employed workforce and supply chain. All our teams are local to each contract and deliver a range of work including plumbing, electrics, gas, rendering, decorating, joinery, roofing, fencing, paving and external repairs.

Our operatives are highly skilled in their trades and complete our induction program prior to starting on site. We also invest and commit in local apprentices.

One example of a typical contract is with Wigan and Leigh Homes, where we provide cyclical maintenance to 17,000 homes across the Wigan and Leigh Borough. We employ a direct workforce of 20 technically skilled operatives and 5 trade apprentices and since the contract commenced in March 2014, we have a local employment rate of 75%.

We are passionate about customer service, and all our satisfaction scores achieve between 98 – 100% as we commit to focus on quality delivery.

We also believe in delivering added value, including leaving a sustainable social legacy for local communities. This is captured by our social value strategy which advocates how we can encourage more investment in the community, something we’re doing through initiatives like working with local employability agencies and creating work placement opportunities for young individuals who need a secure opportunity to build and create a career. In 2015 we offered 25 placements and 85 volunteer hours.

Current Frameworks
Wigan and Leigh Homes – Cyclical Maintenance Framework – 5 years
Procure Plus
Fusion 21
NW NHS Consortium