At A Connolly Ltd we recognise that excellent Customer Care is a fundamental ingredient in the delivery of a professional and efficient service.

The Company has built its professional reputation through conducting its business with integrity and respect.  It also means caring about our customers, employees and our business partners in all that we undertake.

Customer Care is essentially about people – and in order to provide that professional service, it is vital that A Connolly Ltd really listens to its customers’ requirements, understands their needs and adopts a collaborative approach.  It is not about reciting Policy documents or hiding behind the written word, but rather ensuring that an open and honest way of working is established from the very beginning – encouraging effective communications that will lead to agreed objectives.

Customer Care is therefore a priority – not just for individual projects and contracts, but also within the Company as a whole.  Every single employee is responsible for maintaining this collective goal, so that the service we provide does indeed fulfil one of our Core Values, which is that we always put our customers first.

Our Aim

To achieve our key aims we must first have a clear understanding of what the customers’ expectations are.  These expectations are then integrated with our own goals to create an agreed Project Charter.  Working together the Charter confirms what we would all wish to achieve during the project and how we expect everybody to behave – aside from the contractual obligations.

Our aims will only be achieved and sustained by constantly looking at ways to improve our service offering – through listening to our customers and acting accordingly, by monitoring our performance throughout the duration of the contract, and by adopting a programme of continuous improvement.  The customer is the most important element on any contract, and as such helps the Company define a practical and effective way forward.

Delivering Customer Care

Customer Care is delivered through our staff and workforce.  We recognise that our employees are the Company’s most valuable and important asset.  Our reputation and credibility is at stake every time one of our employees comes into contact with a customer or the general public.  We must therefore continually invest in our staff through Training and Development, to ensure they remain focused on the customer and completely understands the driving principles behind our business.

New employees are fully inducted in the Company’s Core Values, Management Systems and Policies – and there are regular Tool Box Talks and Workshops designed to reinforce our Customer Care message.