A. Connolly Ltd has always understood the need to be a good corporate citizen. It is not only a moral obligation but in a Company that has always strived to build long-term relationships with its stakeholders, it is good for business.

Sustainability is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. A. Connolly Ltd believes that sustainability and corporate responsibility are very closely linked.

We aim to generate a sustainable return to our shareholders on a long-term basis. We recognise our obligations to all who have a stake in our success – shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and wider society – and seek to keep our responsibilities to them in balance. We are committed to engaging with all our stakeholders in an open, honest and straightforward way and to promoting responsible business practices throughout the Company.

We will establish a range of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability targets, measure and review our performance against them and report on an annual basis

A. Connolly Ltd corporate responsibility and sustainability policy is applied in four main areas: marketplace, workplace, environment and community.


Our mission is to understand our clients’ business needs and deliver them in a way that delights those clients.

We will provide products and services of good value and consistent quality, reliability and safety.

We will develop products and services that help our clients and ourselves to reduce our impact on the environment, both during the course of construction and throughout the life of the completed assets.

We will promote our services and ourselves in an ethical way at all times in accordance with our published Ethics policy.

We recognise the importance of our supply chain and will develop secure long-term relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors based upon mutual trust.

We undertake to pay them on time and according to agreed terms.

Our purchasing power will be used in accordance with our Ethics policy and will not be used unscrupulously.


We recognise that our employees are our most important asset. Their commitment to our core values enables us to achieve our goals and build our reputation.

We seek to recruit and retain good people that reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate, to give equal opportunities to all of our staff, and to provide the training and development to help them have fulfilling and rewarding careers. We operate Equal Opportunities and Diversity polices to help us achieve this.

The health and safety of our employees and all those that we come into contact with is of paramount importance. We operate a Safety Management System.

We recognise that our responsibility extends beyond construction sites and have adopted policies to manage and minimise occupational road risk.

We will involve employees in continuously improving their own work methods and those of the Company as a whole.

We have a strategy of regular communication with employees that enables them to contribute to policy and strategy and helps them understand the importance of their roles to the organisation. We believe that this is vital for the success of the business.


The Company recognises the fundamental importance of understanding the full impact of its activities on the environment and is committed to improving that impact through its Environmental policy.

Our most significant contribution to the environment will be through continually improving our efficiency both on site and in our offices and reducing the amount of waste generated. Where we do generate waste we will look to recycle it.

We will promote the use of recycled materials or those from sustainable sources.

We will monitor our carbon emissions generated through energy use and employee travel and will adopt a carbon offsetting strategy that invests in research into improving the sustainability of the products and techniques that we use.


A. Connolly Ltd is proud that our work, enhances the communities in which we operate. We maintain a local presence through offices close to our clients and the communities that provide our staff and supply chain.

We support the local employment of trades and labour. We recognise the benefit that our profitability brings to the community in terms of employment, training, skills, and wealth creation.