National Apprentice (#NAW2016) week

Last week as part of National Apprentice (#NAW2016) week, we opened our sites up to young people offering taster days, to help them understand the full range of careers available to them in the construction industry. It was also important to us, to share with young people and parents what an apprenticeship means to them and how it has made impact on their lives.

It’s really vital that young people get good quality advice during their time at school and also when they leave, if they haven’t achieved the results they wanted. There are a full range of options available to young people post school leaving age in both vocational and academic sectors. It’s also important that parents understand how an apprenticeships can help their child and the positive changes that an apprenticeship can have on their life, when they are presented with right choices. Its also important for parents and schools to understand that an apprenticeship isn’t a second rate choice to staying onto study at further education.
We encouraged our apprentices to be part of our Social Media campaign and tell others what an apprenticeship means to them and to complete NAW2016 we have put together a collection of images from our campaign showcasing the apprentices in our business.

In Nov 2015 A Connolly Ltd won the ‘Supporting Apprentices’ award which shows our commitment and dedication to supporting young people.

A.Connolly photo montage random (1200x600)