Our Approach

Our Business aim is to become a Local Builder, which is focussed on delivering construction services with optimum integration and benefit to their communities.

As we rely on the public and social housing sectors so heavily, both nationally and locally, we have developed a business model that delivers optimum inward investment for the communities that we operate in. Our Business Model establishes the corporate aspirations of our key clients and their priorities for community benefit. The model will provide optimum inward investment against those priorities for the Wigan community within numerous areas, particularly employment and training.

Our programme of recruitment and training will be shared with the CITB and we will embrace the local schools, colleges and Jobcentre Plus offices in addition to other local agencies to establish current and future candidates for recruitment.
Employment of Local Labour

It is our intention to deliver the responsive repairs works through a mix of our own labour and locally based subcontractors for specialist or intermittent works.

Our own work force will be a mix of our existing people, required to meet the requirements of project start up after financial close, and increased numbers through local recruitment and training to meet the demands of the framework.

We will engage with local agencies to identify potential candidates for recruitment. We will look to hold a number of open days and promote vacancies in the local press and in any resident newsletters to ensure we open up opportunities to a wide range of people.

Employment of Trainees / Apprentices

As a basic rule of thumb, carrying out construction works of a domestic nature requires around 10 people per £1 million of construction value to deliver it. One apprentice per £1 million would therefore provide an ideal ratio of experienced operatives to trainees to be able to support effective training.

We will target individuals from the Wigan area to ensure the estates being regenerated generate an even more sustainable future by helping to reduce unemployment in the area. We feel that this generates better community ownership of the works being carried out.

Training Proposals

A Connolly Ltd regards training as an investment and is committed to giving everyone opportunities to learn and grow. To deliver the training requirements under this project we will engage with Wigan College / Work Solutions etc, whom we have an existing relationship with, to train all trade apprentices and trainees to NVQ level or equivalent.

Where we identify candidates to undertake further education (i.e. for professional qualifications such as degrees) we will use Bolton University who we also have an existing relationship with.

SMEs and Starter Businesses

We are keen to engage with and develop local SME’s in addition to recruiting a number of local people to various trades within the business. Start-up companies will also be encouraged to join our supply chain for this this framework, and benefit from the co-extension of collaborative working arrangements. This will create further local employment opportunities.

We have an excellent track record of engaging the smaller enterprises from the communities of our key clients and helping them to become more efficient and grow capacity in a more cost-effective manner than is present with the current market place.